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wilsons prom 67 km

66 km Course—Start time: 7:00 A.M.

Tidal River - Bridge over Tidal River 0.5 km  
Bridge to Lily Pilly Car Park (via track) 1.3 km Toilet
Lily Pilly Car Park - Lily Pilly Circuit and up to Mt Bishop (anti clockwise) 9.9 km  
Lily Pilly Car Park - Picnic Bay Car Park (via road) 2.8 km Toilet
Picnic Bay Car Park - Tidal River (via Squeaky Beach Tracks excludes Pillar Point) 4.0 km Aid station/water/snacks/1st Aid
Tidal River - Oberon Car Park 4.4 km Toilet
Oberon Car Park - Telegraph Track Junction 6.1 km Aid station/water/snacks/1st Aid
Telegraph Track Junction - Waterloo Bay 4.7 km  
Waterloo Bay - Lighthouse (via Coastal Track) 9.8 km Water/Toilet
Lighthouse - Roaring Meg 6.1 km Toilet/Water
Roaring Meg - Telegraph Track Junction (via Walking Track) 6.0 km Aid station/water/snacks/1st Aid
Telegraph Track Junction - Oberon Bay 3.4km Water/Toilet
Oberon Bay - Tidal River via Norman Bay beach car park finish 7.6 km Aid station/water/snacks/1st Aid
Total distance (approximate) 66.6 km


Elevation Map

2024 Prom 66 km Elevation Profile


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Prom 100 - 66 km course map


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