After the fun at this event last year I was happy I managed to get back here in 2017, a really nice day in the Victorian Alps enjoying the scenery and terrain. Also after competing in the Alpine Challenge 160km event in November I was keen to get onto sections of this course feeling fresh and lively again to enjoy the terrain rather than be near tears down descents such as Bon Accord Spur or Diamantina Spur (we do not descend Bon Accord in the 64km event but the idea is defintiely there to get into the terrain in a fresher state).

I had run here in 2016 (photos and words) and it was a fantastic day out. Still only a week after doing the Six Foot Track but I mostly just wanted to enjoy the day out in the moountains again. I admit I messed up my food twice (going up swindlers became a crawl as I ate and crawled my way up) then after hitting the bitumen in the final 2 km I had to walk into the finish line for 2km on wobbly legs (gels or other sugary food take about 15 minutes to come in to play for diabetics—and probably everyone else).

I did however have a great run along the Razorback Ridge nad passed many people there so pacing worked pretty well for me I think. I ran 9h12m in the end so 12 min faster than last year so not too shabby.

I once again will point out this is a fantastic day out in the mountains and I would put it on top of any list of must do trail races in Australia. Thanks Paul and running Wild Victoria for the Razorback Run.