58 km course notes

The 58 km loop starts at 06:00 A.M. at the Harrietville camp ground.

    1. From the campground head up to the highway, turn left, cross the road with caution. Straight after the General Store, turn right up Feathertop Lane, cross the footbridge before turning right onto the road and running up to the entry to the national park.
    2. Proceeds up Bungalow Spur, past Federation Hut (water/toilet) and up to the Cross.
    3. At the signed track junction at the Cross take the track marked Mt Feathertop summit and continue on to the summit of Mt Feathertop, (there is a track to MUMC hut about 500 m along the track (do not take this unless you need to get water from the spring—about a 5 minute walk). The actual summit is the second peak that you get to.
    4. From the summit, return to the Cross and then follow the Razorback track back to the junction with Diamantina Spur (signposted). Proceed down Diamantina Spur on a track until you reach the valley floor. The Spur is 3.2 km long and very steep in parts—it also has a number of climbs. Use caution in descending as evacuation off this spur would be very difficult. At the steepest section of the descent the trail branches off to the right and heads down to the valley floor.
    5. At the Kiewa logging road turn right and proceed along the road, crossing the river on a bridge. Pass through the locked gate across the road towards Blairs Hut. Look for an indistinct small clearing with a large tree on you left, this marks the start of an obscure track. Head down, cross the creek then head across to Blairs Hut. Locate the trail above Blairs Hut (close to the toilet) and head up to Westons Hut.
    6. Continue up along the trail past Westons Hut (water from stream), as you get close to the tree line you will come across snow poles. Follow these to a major pole junction (Pole 333) and a checkpoint. Turn right towards Cobungra Gap and Mt Hotham on the Alpine Walking track (the poles are numbered).
    7. Follow the poles across the high plains until the junction to Youngs Hut, veer right and proceed downhill following widely spaced snow poles and a track until you get to Cobungra Gap. Turn left and head down to the river. Cross at the foot bridge and follow the track/sign to the start of Swindlers Spur. The track ascends steeply up to Pole 156 and then eases as you pass by Derrick Hut and the Ski Lifts to Mt Loch Car Park.
      Caution—there is a track junction where the single track from Derrick Hut meets a formed fire trail, turn left and continue to follow the poles of the AAWT to the car park—do NOT go right towards Mt Loch.
    8. At the carpark, cross the bitumen road and follow the trail markers uphill and to the summit of Mt Hotham. Follow the Alpine Walking track down to Diamantina Hut. (Checkpoint/water/refreshments/first aid). NB: there is a 5:00 P.M.. cutoff at Diamantina Hut.
    9. Cross the road with caution at Diamantina Hut and follow the Razorback track for approx. 1 km up to the Bon Accord Spur turnoff. Do not take the track to the right along the Razorback or you will miss the turnoff. 
    10. Proceed steeply down on loose rocks to Washington Creek bridge and flattish running. At the end of the trail follow the dirt road along the river until it becomes a bitumen road that leads into Harrietville. Cross the road with care to finish at the caravan park.