Welcome to Running Wild’s 2020 trail running program. We have put together a series of spectacular runs in some of Victoria’s best national parks. Our motto is great runs—great places—great people. We do not run “races” as such, we are about the trail running experience, enjoying the country, experiencing what nature has to offer—weather, terrain and your ability to push yourself and get to know your body and your limits, and the social experience.

That is what trail running and wild running is all about, however if you want to run fast and race, that’s fine too.

Distances in our introductory events range from as little as 1 km in the Dinner Plain Mile High Trail Run and Mt Baw Baw Trail Fest to 10 km in the Darby River Half Marathon and 10 km fun run  or a 14 km stage in the Alpine Challenge, 22 km in the Razorback Run or the Mt Buller Sky Run. We offer a full range of distances in our Mountain and Coastal runs from 22, 36, 44, 65 km all the way up to 100 km and 100 miles in the Alpine Challenge.

If you haven’t tried trail running before we offer some great introductory experiences. If you are a seasoned marathon runner or ultra runner but looking for new experiences these runs may inspire you to look at running with fresh eyes.